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The Scenario
When young men are contemplating an aggressive and potentially violent image for themselves, they are usually attracted to activities that will give them a tough, independent, smart and mysterious profile amongst their peers.

The only question now is, “What activity can society provide that would be attractive to such young men, and that will result in them to becoming socially responsible citizens during the process of them fulfilling their desires?”.

Enter Wu-Chi
The Wu-Chi School of Arts is a community aid organization that primarily teaches personal development.
It uses martial art as an agent to reach the youth of today (especially the more boisterous and vigorous male youth), in order to provide them with opportunities to gain moral stability and self-discipline, via an activity that they wish to be associated with.

“If you think that these youth being left to themselves are a public liability now; Just you wait untill they get older”

In brief, with Wu-Chi,
we are able to love the young men society hates...

No one will ever be able to take away from some male youth the need to prove to themselves, and to those around them, that they are tough and independent;
And who would want to, considering that it is an essential part of their growth . . . as long as they pursue activities that are not violently abusive or criminal to fulfil their desires.

But when you suggest to potentially wayward youth that they should choose only good activities, you are quickly met with the retort, “Yeah, like what?”

“Well,” you may answer, “there are lots of good things, like the rowing club, or maybe the church choir, and of course there is always good old-fashioned work around the home, which has never hurt anyone.”

In our experience, this is like offering children who have a taste for junk food a big plate of greens – they hate it.

However, with Wu-Chi we are able to work from the other side of the equation.

Young men who want to be tough are attracted to martial art, and therefore they actively seek us out . . . and, it is not considered, even by them, foreign or out of place to have to become respectful, self-disciplined and highly principled in order to make it up through the ranks of a good martial art school. In fact, in such an environment, they picture themselves becoming quite profound, and therefore they are eager to adopt high standards for themselves, both within the classroom and out in the streets . . . giving us artistic license to incorporate morel and social virtues into all their lessons and gradings, consequently they become responsible and conscientious citizens.