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General Overview

These documents are mainly designed to provide information for Government departments, high networth individuals and interested parties, requiring behind the scene information regarding Wu-Chi and its operations.

  They introduce our unique form of community aid work and outline the School's aims and objectives in any given community.

They also detail Wu-Chi's use of martial art as an agent to teach moral principles and character development.

However, most importantly they present how, with Wu-Chi, we make self-development attractive to those young men who would ordinarily develop an abusive and violent mentality, before and during the years when they are most likely to be led astray and become a threat to themselves and society.

"Wu-Chi, Reaching young men who normally would not be reached"

     Community Aid Presentation Documents

The Scenario
Today, with video games, television and Hollywood glorifying Karate and Kung-Fu in children's entertainment, the response to martial art activities has significantly increased.
Thus we find ourselves with a house of learning that is keenly sought after by youth - especially those individuals who need help, because they believe that fighting and the use of force have a place in everyday life.
Wu-Chi Brief
Can you imagine a world with less wayward male youth?  This Brief shows why Wu-Chi should be supported as a powerful and effective solution to the problem of wayward male youth in the civilised world.  It takes you through eight pages, starting with the problems facing male youth, and it finishes by presenting Wu-Chi four strongest points in order to give you a greater idea into how we use martial art.
Operation Profile
The School is in a unique position to help modern communities. Not only does it provide a positive outlet for the more boisterous elements in today's youth culture, but it specifically targets those young men whose irresponsible and anti-social behaviour has become a major contributing factor to the problems facing western society today.
Wu-Chi Course Portfolio
Our instructors have professional pride in how short a time they are able to take students to the place where they stand, independent of the School and its teachers. . . producing in students the strength of character to achieve their highest ideals and aspirations, while upholding personal levels of integrity which fulfil and exceed the requirements of the laws and customs of their land.

Charitable Trust Documentation
From the very outset we planned for the
ARK Trust to remain behind the scenes as the parent body, and establish a professional executive management organisation as our public face, which is known as Integris Inc.

Under the tenets and guidelines set by NZ ARK, Integris will in turn set up and oversee autonomous non-profit organisations, such as clubs, societies and other charitable operations, which will work to fulfill ARK's ongoing mission to "uplift humanity". 

The Wu-Chi School of Arts is the first of these autonomous non-profit organisations.