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There are five main teacher training centres in Wu-Chi, that have originated out of Shao-Men Sarn (Few-Doors Mountain), which was Wu-Chi's orginal teachers training school, run by the Founder, Mr. Arthur Cunningham.
FYI:  Once a student attains the level of 5th Degree Black Belt in Wu-Chi martial art (which is worn as a 'Red Belt') they become a 'Si-Fu', which makes them the Master of their own martial art organisation and schools.  These schools and organisations are totally autonomous from the Wu-Chi organisation in which they were trained.

Any Wu-Chi Master (Si-Fu) who trains a student from scratch to become a Master like himself, becomes a 'Grand Master' (a Lao-Fu).  In Wu-Chi the rank of Grand Master (or Lao-Fu), which is a 10th Degree Black Belt, is worn as a 'Gold Belt'

As it stands to date, the Wu-Chi School of Arts has produced five Si-Fus:
(Neil Cameron; Wipere Ngata; Rob Wright; and recently, Bob Margets and Barry Thomas), and it has another three students moving up through its upper ranks, who will also become Masters of their own schools in the very near future.

The pages from the links below detail their organisations and experiences.

Byron Bay, Australia

Si-Fu Neil Cameron

In September 1996 Neil Cameron became the first Si-Fu produced by the Wu-Chi School of Arts, under Si-Fu Arthur Cunningham, the founder.  Since then Neil has run his Wu-Chi operations throughout Northern NSW and South East Queensland, Australia. 
Currently Neil has a senior student who is very close to becoming a Si-Fu, which will make Neil a Lao-Fu.

Gisborne, New Zealand

Si-Fu Wipere Ngata

 In 1981 Wipere Ngata left New Zealand and lived in Austraila to study Wu-Chi martial art under Si-Fu Arthur Cunningham. In December 1996, Wipere became the second Si-Fu from the Wu-Chi School of Arts.  Since then Wipere has run his Wu-Chi operations throughout the East Coast area of New Zealand. 
As a student in Wu-Chi he was nicknamed: "The Machine" because of the relentless training programs he designed for himself.  His real name, Wipere Takitumu Ngata, carries within it the names of two of the last great Maori Chiefs in New Zealand: Chief Wipere; and Chief Ngata; and the great Maori ancestral canoe: Takitimu. 

Culburra, Australia

Si-Fu Rob Wright

As a student, Rob Wright was the lowest ranked student to ever open and run a Wu-Chi school under Si-Fu Arthur Cunningham.
After only two years training in Wu-Chi's private teacher's training school (Shao-Men Sarn) Rob returned to his hometown Culburra, in NSW, in order to help his local community. Rob became a Si-Fu in October 1997.
Rob is known as a man of unflinching princple, and a family man extraordinaire.

Ballina, Australia

Si-Fu Bob Margets

Bob Margets began his initial training in the Wu-Chi School of Arts under Si-Fu Arthur Cunningham, and finished the greater part of his training under Si-Fu Neil Cameron.  

Turanganui, New Zealand

Si-Fu Barry Thomas

The first 5 years of Barry's training in Wu-Chi was under Si-Fu Arthur Cunningham, in Gisborne, New Zealand, and he finished the later part of his training under Si-Fu Wipere Ngata.  Barry became a Si-Fu in August 2003, and runs his Wu-Chi specifically to benefit Maori.